Visual Studio 2013 has a re-designed Team Explorer, and I really like it, but I sometimes find some options, such as “Find Shelvesets” and “New Query”, to be buried away.

For example, the normal path I have to take to find a shelveset is:

  • Pending Changes
  • Actions
  • Find Shelvesets

This is really “clicky” and something I wished I could do quicker. Today I found out I could right-click on the tiles on the Team Explorer Home Page to get to some of those actions that are buried away:

Pending Changes

From Pending Changes you can get to Find Shelvesets

Pending Changes

Work Items

From Work Items you can get to “New Query”

New Query

My Work

From My Work you can get to Request Review

My Work

Team Members

If you have the TFS 2013 Power Tools installed, then even the Team Members gets the right-click treatment with access to “Team Utilities”

Team Utils