I work full-time as a lead developer for a health care software firm; working with C#, WinForms and Microsoft SQL Server on an enterprise scale. I am also the “Accidental TFS Admin” for TFS 2015 within the company. I’m currently learning F# and finding excuses to use it at work.


F# F# Foundation Member

MCSD MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management.

I plan to share some of my experience that I hope you will find useful. Topics that I have in mind for coverage:

  • Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Team Services (including the API).
  • Useful Linqpad snippets.
  • Windows Application (UWP / Phone / Store) Development Journey – as I write this, I have not left port, so I will share useful facts as I find them.
  • C# & F#.

I live in the Holme Valley / Huddersfield area of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.


I’m not a fan of blog comments (although I actively use them when people offer them, call me a hypocrite).

If you want to contact me about a blog post, or in general, you can find me on social media (see the links at the top), or e-mail dave [at] this site.


This site is hosted on Github Pages, you can see my thanks and inspiration in the readme.


The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.